Behind every jewel there is a story. Here we will tell you about the topics that inspire us: Sustainability, crafts, fashion and all that interesting information about jewelry
  • Bracelets and bangles for your summer outfits
    Bracelets and bangles for your summer outfits

    Discover the 925 Sterling Silver bracelets and bangles or 18kt gold-plated ones with the characteristic designs of VIDAL & VIDAL. Timeless pieces.

  • The most ideal wedding guest earrings
    The most ideal wedding guest earrings

    Experience the quality and timeless style of 18kt gold-plated or 925 Sterling Silver wedding guest earrings. Celebrate the present with earrings for eternity.

  • All about cultured Pearls
    All about cultured Pearls

    What's the difference between cultured and natural pearls? We cover all the details about the versatility, textures, and colors of cultured pearls.

  • Jewelry care
    Jewelry care

    Some cosmetics or cleaning products have chemicals that can damage the shine of your jewelry. Recover the shine to your jewelry quickly and easily.

  • All about silver
    All about silver

    Why do we place so much value on Silver? Are there different qualities of Silver? Why does it rust? We reveal all your doubts in relation to Silver.

  • Jewelry finishes
    Jewelry finishes

    What is the difference between gold plated and coated? We answer one of the most frequently asked questions in jewelry and explain everything about the finishes.

  • Our Home
    Our Home

    Menorca and the Mediterranean are part of our DNA and protecting them is one of our main commitments as a company. We care about the environment and we collaborate with the GOB Menorca in the removal of plastic waste from our beaches. From Ses Cales de Binimel-la we create awareness and walk towards sustainability.

  • Most used jewelry stones
    Most used jewelry stones

    Do you like natural stones in jewelry? We explain what types of natural stones there are and the most common precious and semi-precious stones in jewelry.

  • Poc a poc (Step by step)
    Poc a poc (Step by step)

    We collaborate with 3 artisans on the island to give visibility to local talent and also give value to their unique pieces. Each one of them has created a limited edition of a jewel and they explain to us which techniques have been used.

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