How to Combine Long Earrings


Long earrings are indispensable in every woman's jewelry box, as they are versatile pieces that add a touch of sophistication regardless of the occasion and the clothes being worn.

long earrings
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To get it right for both formal events and casual dates, the key is to combine them appropriately. The goal? Achieve a balanced look without taking the spotlight away from the earrings.

A type of long earrings for every occasion

One of the strengths of the most elegant people is that they know how to dress appropriately for each moment. The same goes for jewelry; it is advisable to consider the occasion to choose the most appropriate earrings.

long zirconia earrings elegant long zirconia earrings

While long earrings with precious stones or intricate designs are suited for formal events, it is advisable to opt for a more minimalist and sober style for the office or bohemian pieces decorated with feathers or colored crystals for more casual moments. 

long stone earrings long natural blue stone earrings

The right neckline to highlight the earrings

The harmony between the neckline and long earrings is essential to achieve an effortless chic look. Thin, straight, and discreet earrings go well with high-necked garments, while V-neck or off-the-shoulder necklines allow for pieces of different lengths, colors, and shapes.

elegant long earrings for every occasion
long golden earrings long golden earrings with motif

The hairstyle is key to making the earrings stand out

The choice of hairstyle is crucial as it can enhance the prominence of long earrings or leave them in the background.

long earrings with stones and gold long earrings with stones

Updos are perfect for making earrings stand out, as both the lobes and the neck are clear, allowing the jewelry to be fully displayed. If you prefer to wear your hair down, side hairstyles are the perfect excuse to be bold and combine a more striking long earring with another small and minimalist one.

Discreet accessories that don't draw attention

The main goal of the rest of the accessories is to make long earrings the protagonists. A plain ring or a bracelet with a delicate design complement the outfit without overloading it.

rigid golden bracelet plain zirconia ring

When choosing earrings with personality and a single color, such as gold, they can be enhanced with a belt, a clutch, or shoes of the same shade. However, if you choose earrings in a striking color, it is recommended to combine them with neutral-colored garments. 

Earrings and face in harmony

The shape of the face defines the type of long earrings that are most suitable for a flattering result. Thus:

  • The oval face suits pieces of any length and style.
  • Long and thin earrings are suitable for elongating a round face.
  • Jewelry with curves, waves, or pendants soften square faces.
  • Heart-shaped faces appear more balanced with long earrings that widen at the bottom.

long golden earrings

Combining long earrings correctly not only helps create an impeccable look but also creates a personal style in which the jewelry pieces shine on their own.


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