Bracelets and bangles for your summer outfits


In the fascinating world of jewelry, bracelets and bangles in particular play a starring role when it comes to complementing your summer looks.

silver bracelets for summer

When combined with the lightness of summer fabrics and the bright colors of the season, they become essential protagonists, capable of elevating the sophistication of a basic summer dress or adding a touch of glamour to a casual outfit for an afternoon stroll under the sun. Whether you opt for the elegance of pearl bracelets, the characteristic designs and colors of bracelets with natural stones or the imposing golden bangles with an Egyptian air, these pieces have the power to transform any look and reflect part of the personality of the wearer.

Bracelets: Versatility and elegance on your wrist

The bracelets are indispensable accessories that year after year become the queens of summer, adding a chic touch to any look. Whether you choose the simplicity of silver bracelets for everyday wear or prefer the sophistication of bracelets with zirconias for special summer evenings, each has its moment under the sun. For lovers of the classic, pearl bracelets add a timeless elegance, while bracelets with stones bring a vibrant color, perfect for those lively summer days. And for an extra shine, nothing like the models plated in 18kt gold, which capture the sunlight and reflect the joy of the season. In summary, summer bracelets, whether elegant or with simple and organic shapes, become the perfect complement, transforming any summer ensemble, because we know that no two summers are the same.

silver chain for summer gold bracelets for the summer

Bangles: bold statements in jewelry

The bangles, on the other hand, are bolder and more defining pieces. The golden bangles, with their warm glow, are ideal for enhancing a perfect tan, while silver models provide a subtle and sophisticated shine, suitable for both day and night. The rigid bracelets with natural stones stand out for their design and vivid colors, becoming a true style icon. The pearl bangles are perfect for those who opt for timeless pieces, known for their innate elegance. As for styling, bangles are versatile pieces that should not be missing in your jewelry collection, they can be combined with watches or mixed with fine bracelets for a layering look on the wrist that will be the focus of attention in your outfits. Every bangle tells a story and is undoubtedly for those who like to take risks and opt for the unique.

silver bracelet for summer
Macar Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver rigid with smooth and shiny texture.

How to combine bracelets and bangles with your summer looks

During the sunny months, summer bracelets add a distinctive touch to each outfit. The summer bracelets, with their characteristic designs and colors, match perfectly with linen dresses, providing a relaxed and chic air. The pearl bracelets align elegantly with flowing skirts, giving a touch of timelessness and sophistication. And for evening looks, the models with zirconias splendidly shine, complementing elegant outfits and adding a spark of glamour. On the other hand, the versatility of bangles allows them to adapt to various looks, from boho chic to silent elegance. The gold bracelets enhance outfits in warm tones and stand out on tanned skin, while the pieces in 925 Sterling Silver offer a contemporary freshness to more neutral or monochromatic styles. Undoubtedly, the wide variety ensures that each ensemble shines with a unique and personal touch in the summer months.

Bracelets and bangles are not just accessories; they are story-telling complements, style creators, and reflections of our personality. From the subtle elegance of a pearl bracelet, the boldness of a golden bangle, or the creativity of combining different materials and designs, these jewels are a means to express your unique self. By choosing a bracelet or bangle, you are selecting more than an accessory: you are choosing a piece of art carved by the expert hands of our artisans that speaks about you, your tastes, and your personal story. These jewels not only adorn our wrists; they tell stories, evoke memories, and celebrate special moments as they accompany you year after year. So, the next time you choose a bracelet, remember that you are selecting a piece of art with an artisan touch that represents your unique essence. Experience the quality and timeless style of VIDAL & VIDAL jewelry.

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