Hoop Earrings

Stones and gems


Invest in the art of timeless jewelry at VIDAL & VIDAL, one of the most iconic pieces in the world of jewelry are undoubtedly the hoop earrings. It may seem like they come and go, but they are always there and have become a key jewel in any jewelry accessory capsule.


Discover the quality of our hoop earrings that transcends seasons.

It may seem that the 925 Sterling Silver hoop earrings or 18kt gold-plated are the least likely to stand out, but it is precisely their simplicity and clean shape that make them a must-have. Find your small, medium, or large hoop earrings with cultured pearls, natural stones in blue, green, lilac, brown, or multicolor, textured or smooth. Thick hoop earrings remain a favorite for an extra touch, though if you prefer discreet elegance, fine and small hoops will not disappoint. Choose them with a round, square, oval, with balls, intertwined or irregular finish for a more artisanal style, feel the magic of Menorca and test its enduring quality in each of our pieces.

Celebrate the present with a piece for eternity, our hoop earrings will undoubtedly accompany you year after year and make you shine at all times. Discover our collection of hoops and opt for the classics or dare to risk with a new material, finish, or texture. See more!

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