The Sophistication of Natural Gemstone Jewelry


These are the foundation and inspiration behind each piece of the new Dreams collection by VIDAL & VIDAL, where our passion for the natural beauty of semi-precious stones is reflected.

natural stone earrings
Bahía Earrings. Dreams Collection

In the fascinating world of jewelry, few things stand out as much as the sublime elegance of jewelry with natural stones. Some of the unique features of gems include their wide range of colors, reflections, and qualities that are almost impossible to replicate with other materials. We always respect their purity and natural beauty, thus the intervention of our expert artisans is minimal to preserve their essence. We do this not only with the pieces in the collection but also in all our jewelry with stones.

natural stone necklace natural stone necklace for women
Nahir Necklace. Dreams Collection.

The creations of the Dreams collection reflect the Mediterranean Sea with its semi-precious gems in blue tones like the sky and sea. The iconic coves and beaches of the Menorcan coast have been the source of inspiration for the pieces of a collection in earthy, ocher, and green tones that are a must-have in your wardrobe this season. Discover the semi-precious stone jewelry with the characteristic design of VIDAL & VIDAL that will stop time.

Rings with Dream Stones

The rings with natural stones are more than just accessories. Each unique stone in its color, texture, and shine adds a singular meaning to the jewelry. In the Dreams collection, you will find rings with stones as special as orange jade and moonstone that will transport you to Playa de Cavalleria or Cala Pilar.

blue natural stone rings VIDAL & VIDAL natural stone ring
earth tone natural stone ring VIDAL & VIDAL VIDAL & VIDAL natural stone ring

If you prefer the other spectrum and are more drawn to the tones of the northern coast, the blue stone rings inspired by the Faravitx Lighthouse or the Mola de Fornells are the pieces you have been looking for. These jewels not only complement personal aesthetics but also reinforce the identity of the wearer.

Natural Stone Necklaces You Won't Want to Take Off

When talking about natural stone necklaces, we delve into a world where elegance meets diversity. These pieces are subtle due to their purity, yet bold thanks to the wide variety of shades, not to mention they add a touch of sophistication to any look. The stone necklaces in the Dreams collection are available in blue and earth tones that convey delicacy and natural elegance.

VIDAL & VIDAL natural stone necklace natural stone necklace for women
Nahir Necklace. Dreams Collection.

On the other hand, besides their timelessness, we must highlight their quality. All the pieces in the collection are made of 925 sterling silver or 18kt gold plated metal so they can accompany you year after year and you won't have to take them off even for a moment. These jewels not only stand out for their beauty but also add authenticity to any look.

Stone Earrings, the Artisanal Touch You've Been Looking For

earrings, necklaces and rings with natural stones red natural stone earrings
Sahara Earrings

The earrings with natural stones enhance the natural beauty of the wearer. The designs of the pieces in the Dreams collection radiate freshness with their simple and organic structures, giving absolute prominence to the shape and color of the semi-precious stones set in them. Discover earrings with green stones or in blue tones that add a touch of freshness and vitality and have the power to transform an entire look. These pieces are ideal for both events and everyday wear.

VIDAL & VIDAL natural stone earrings Loreto earrings with natural stones
Loreto Earrings

Jewelry with natural stones is a celebration of beauty and purity. Choose from rings, necklaces, or earrings with stones, each piece is unique for its unparalleled shapes and tones. The semi-precious gems of the VIDAL & VIDAL Dreams collection jewelry are hand-carved and set by our expert artisans to intervene as little as possible and maintain their purest simple and organic forms. When choosing a jewel with natural stones, we are not only selecting a different and unique accessory but also a piece of art. Discover the jewels of a collection with designs and tones inspired by the island of Menorca and its dreamy craftsmanship. The Dreams collection embraces timelessness in every design, and the pieces that comprise it convey purity as well as originality. Start dreaming with VIDAL & VIDAL.


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