The most ideal wedding guest earrings


Being invited to a wedding is a special occasion, the couple who is about to say "I do" has thought of you to accompany them on this very important day in their lives.

silver earrings for wedding
Silver earring with chain and zirconias

Whether you are the sister, best childhood friend, or cousin, every time you are invited to a wedding it is a unique experience: from the moment they tell you they want you to witness their union to when you are choosing your look along with the accessories and earrings to be the most ideal guest.

Depending on the season, you might lean more towards certain colors or styles of dresses, suits, or sets, but it is undeniable that the final touch that brings coherence to any styling are always the earrings. Turn moments into precious memories with the selection of original wedding guest earrings from VIDAL & VIDAL.

Pearl earrings for guests: a tribute to elegance

The pearl earrings are always a great success as they provide the perfect balance between elegance and sophistication. Without a doubt, they are a classic that never goes out of style and Lady Di knew it well, since she became a reference, not only for her stylings but for her way of combining jewels, so much so that she has become a generational icon.

When we think of earrings for guests, we think of pieces that are not usually worn in everyday life, but that is the peculiarity and versatility of pearls, which are ideal for both a wedding and a day-to-day basis, adapting to different styles and occasions.

When we say they are multifaceted, it is because they truly are. In the past, they were associated with stylish jewels that could only be used on specific occasions, but now, with their diversity of shapes and colors, they have become versatile earrings and certainly timeless pieces for moments that deserve eternity.

silver earrings with pearls and zirconias silver pearl earrings for wedding
Earring with zirconias and cultured pearls

Maxi or XL earrings for bold guests

For guests who want to make a style statement at the wedding, XL or maxi earrings are the perfect choice. These striking designs do not go unnoticed and add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the outfit. Discover the selection of long maxi earrings with zirconias to shine at all times or try the quality and timeless style of XL long earrings with natural stones, they will accompany you event after event.

Hairstyles like buns or high or low ponytails as well as braids are ideal to give all the prominence to the star accessory, the maxi earrings. They are indeed the complement that enhances any look in neutral or monochromatic tones. Feel the magic of Menorca in each piece finished by the expert hands of our artisans. 

earrings with precious stones for weddings
Earrings with natural stones to add a touch of color.

Silver or gold earrings for wedding guests

Indirectly, the tone of the earrings is part of the expression of style of the guest. Usually, the one that goes best with the chosen look is selected, although guests often opt for the color of the material that suits them best according to their skin undertone. At VIDAL & VIDAL, we have a wide variety of gold earrings for wedding guests plated in 18kt gold with textured, striped, smooth, wavy details, with pearls, zirconias, or natural stones in blue, green, lilac, or pink.

If you prefer jewelry in cool tones, our selection of silver earrings for wedding guests have the simple and organic shapes you are looking for. Find them long, button, with hoops, chains, natural stones, or zirconias to stand out for your elegance and simplicity.

As a wedding guest, choosing the right earrings is crucial to feeling as special and unique as the day being celebrated. Opt for the timeless elegance of pearls, the delicacy of coquette style with heart earrings, the boldness of maxi designs, or the timeless elegance of gold or silver earrings for wedding guests.

Every pair of earrings has the power to elevate an outfit and reflect the personality of the wearer, they are much more than a simple accessory, they are an expression of style. And although we know there is a perfect pair of earrings for every woman and occasion, the true charm of earrings lies in how each person wears them, making them an extension of their essence and thus becoming not just an ideal but also a special guest.

silver wedding earrings with zirconias
Sakura Earrings. Sterling silver plated with platinum and adorned with zirconias.


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