Tips for Caring for Gold-Plated Jewelry


Gold-plated jewelry captures the light and embellishes with a warm glow.

gold-plated necklaces and earrings

These small treasures require special care to keep their luster intact over time. Therefore, adopting habits that protect them from daily activities is as important as cleaning them properly. At VIDAL & VIDAL, we offer some tips to ensure your gold-plated jewelry continues to be part of your most precious moments.

Tips for caring for gold-plated jewelry in daily life

During daily activities, we may unknowingly alter the original beauty of gold-plated jewelry. To prevent this, it's essential to be mindful of small details that make a big difference:

  1. Prevent contact with chemical products: perfumes, creams, or cleaning products alter the natural state of gold, so remember to apply them before putting on your jewelry or remove them when using these products.
  2. Place them on clean, dry skin: avoid showering or washing hands with jewelry on. It's better to wear them when there is no residual moisture on the skin.
  3. Clean regularly: removing impurities daily and performing a deep clean periodically enhances the natural shine of the gold plating.
  4. Store carefully: when not in use, jewelry should be kept in a dry place, away from the sun, and protected to avoid scratches.
  5. Prevent scratches as much as possible: remove them for exercise or cooking, as sweat and some culinary ingredients are highly corrosive.

What Not to Do When Caring for Your Gold-Plated Jewelry

  1. Avoid using a “special silver cloth” or “special gold cloth,” as our pieces are coated with a protective layer and the chemicals in those cloths would damage it, harming the plating protection.
  2. We do not recommend the use of any chemicals or baking soda for cleaning our pieces.

Care for gold-plated earrings

The earrings remain in contact with the skin and certain personal care products for long periods, requiring special attention. The best approach is to clean them with a soft cloth each time they are used, paying special attention to the hooks and closures.

gold-plated earrings

Care for gold-plated rings

It's undeniable that gold-plated rings are the jewelry most exposed to potential damage throughout the day, as we constantly use our hands.

To maintain their splendor longer, use warm water and soap to remove dirt accumulated during the day. Also, remember to remove them during activities that might damage them, such as swimming, washing hands, or any activity that may cause friction.

gold-plated ring care

Care for gold-plated bracelets and necklaces

The gold plating of bracelets and necklaces can wear off due to frequent contact with different surfaces. To protect them, avoid getting them caught on objects and suffering pulls, remove dirt before storing, and keep them hanging or flat.

gold-plated necklace

How to deep clean gold-plated jewelry?

In addition to daily care, gold-plated jewelry needs a thorough cleaning periodically, depending on how often you use them and the substances and activities they are exposed to. Our cleaning procedure to preserve their luminosity includes the following steps:

  • Add a small amount of mild detergent to warm water.
  • Soak the gold-plated jewelry in the solution for 15 minutes.
  • Use a fine, soft-bristled brush to remove embedded dirt, paying special attention to less visible areas.
  • Rinse the jewelry with warm water until no soap residue remains.
  • Dry with a delicate, lint-free cloth.

gold-plated pendant

The best way to keep your gold-plated jewelry looking timeless is to follow these tips from day one.

Therefore, it's important to get used to protecting them daily. However, it's never too late for your jewelry to regain its shine after a deep clean. If you want to check the condition of your jewelry, at VIDAL & VIDAL stores, we evaluate the state of the gold plating, as well as the clasps or settings, and offer specific recommendations for the proper maintenance of your pieces.


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