Rigid Bracelets

Stones and gems


The quality of the rigid bracelets from VIDAL & VIDAL transcends seasons, and their signature designs convey the magic of Menorca in each of their simple and organic shapes. Let our jewelry with attitude and soul narrate your story. Discover the collection!


Choose between 925 Sterling Silver rigid bracelets or 18kt gold-plated, both will immortalize the moment with elegance and lasting quality. Find rigid bracelets with cultured or baroque pearls, smooth or with a striped or textured finish for a more artisanal touch and style. All our rigid bracelets are carved by the expert hands of our artisans who take care of even the smallest detail, the result? High-quality jewelry with a timeless style, you'll want to wear them for a lifetime. Bangles with natural stones in blue, green, lilac, or brown for looks full of color and sophistication. Find wide bangles for looks with attitude and soul or thin for the utmost silent elegance, adjustable, with rigid bands or crossed shapes. All our bangles are hypoallergenic and come with a quality certificate as well as a three-year warranty to be present in your day-to-day. Let the shapes, colors, textures, and finishes of our golden or silver bangles tell your story. Invest in the art of timeless jewelry from VIDAL & VIDAL and carry an artisanal touch with you with our Spanish jewels. Shine and captivate every second with the pieces from our collection.

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