Poc a poc (Step by step)


For us, "Poc a Poc" means putting soul and body into the process, working with care, creating valuable objects to accompany you along the way.

This summer we have collaborated with three artisan friends from the island to celebrate what is handmade, over a slow fire, "little by little". Each one of them has created a limited edition of a jewelery box that can be purchased this summer in our stores in Menorca.

The three of them expressed the same vision to us: in crafts, the value of each piece is in the process. When things are done with care, well done, with care and attention to detail, that is when we can offer a good product. Quality objects that last over time, and that are beautiful for their shapes and materials regardless of fashion.

When things are done with care, well done, with care and attention to detail, that is when we can offer a good product.

We don't want to lose this philosophy that has always accompanied us, and this summer we celebrate it with three special collaborations.


The delicate pieces of Tent Ceràmica are shaped by the expert hands of Clara Vila. From her workshop in Sant Lluís town, Clara combines the modeling of colorful tableware with introductory courses on the wheel. You can follow her at @tent.ceramica. For the creation of these ceramic jewelry plates, Clara used high temperature clay.


From a retired house in the countryside, Paco braids volumes of all kinds. A cat and his chickens accom- pany him every afternoon while he spends hours losing himself in this ancient braiding technique. Paco prides himself on creating objects that last a lifetime. For the creation of these basketry pieces, Paco used esparto grass gathered by himself, including the thread that he braids with his own hands.


Graduated in carpentry school, Pol Segura works on furniture pieces and other wooden objects from his workshop in Mahón. Pol combines his profession with other hobbies such as analog photography or the res- toration of a sailboat with which he hopes to be able to sail soon. For the creation of these wooden plates, Pol recycled Teka wood blocks, modeling and varnishing them by hand.

Vidal&Vidal JEWELRY

Each jewel has passed through many hands that have worked with care: assembling, bathing, polishing and verifying that each one reaches you in perfect condition. The creation of our jewelery is a very manual and very human process, almost comparable to an artisan process. We hope you take care of them and enjoy them for a long time.


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