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We are fourth generation of jewellery producing in Menorca, we remain faithful to our tradition and respect for our beloved environment.


Menorca and the sea are part of our DNA and our history and way of doing things would not be understood without the sensitivity of the island landscape and without the respect we feel for the privileged environment in which we find ourselves.

We want to continue learning, inspiring ourselves and enjoying Menorca to the fullest. Therefore, taking care of the fragile ecosystem of the island and the seas has long been one of our main commitments as a company.

We have adopted a beach

We believe in the power of action and the importance of small gestures. A philosophy that we apply in everything we do and that has led us to take another step in this commitment by joining the project 'Adoption of stretches of the coast' of the GOB Menorca.

Ses Cales de Binimel·la, located in the north of the island and first stop on the way to the famous Pregonda, are the stretch of coast that we have adopted and that we have cleaned and cared for since last November.

Every gesture adds up. The 1,300 volunteers who participate in the initiative add up to the removal of almost two tons of plastic waste.

The future

At Vidal&Vidal we are moving towards sustainability with the aim of reducing the impact of our activity on Menorca and the environment. Our facilities do not dump chemical waste into water and, for years, we have been separating and recycling the waste generated by our manufacturing processes. Even so, we are aware of how much remains to be done.


From here we encourage you to join our commitment to the oceans and seas of the planet and also to your environment. If this summer you visit Menorca help us to keep this wonderful and delicate island clean. Do not throw garbage into the sea, dose the use of water, reduce gasoline and consume local and sustainable products.

Regaining the health of our oceans is up to us. Without them there is no future or beauty.


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