Discover our wide collection of Earrings. The Vidal & Vidal Macadamia Collection Earrings are perfect for any occasion.

Medal Earrings

27.20€ 34.00€

Ally Earrings

28.80€ 36.00€

Horn Earrings

27.20€ 34.00€

Elina Earrings

25.60€ 32.00€

Nala Earrings

24.00€ 30.00€

Eva Dark Earrings

27.20€ 34.00€
Are you a long Earrings or hoop Earrings? Gold Earrings or Silver Earrings?. In the Vidal & Vidal Macadamia Collection we have a wide variety of Earrings, find the perfect model for yourself or to give as a gift. Vidal & Vidal Earrings are perfect for any occasion.