Caring of your Vidal & Vidal jewelry

For any jewel of silver or metal plated, with pearls, stones or crimped zircons, a good care of your jewelry will keep them always bright and in good condition.

Our jewels are subjected to an anti-oxidation treatment that prevents them from blackening easily. However, if you shower, bathe or swim with them we advise you to dry your jewelry before storing it, as well as keep it in jewelery boxes covered inside with fabric or boxes with a cotton bottom. This will prevent their contact with moisture, the main reason why they may blacken.

Avoid keeping pieces together so they do not get scratched. You can clean your pieces with flannel and a little neutral soap, always avoiding contact with bleach or aggressive chemicals. For gold-plated jewelry, a mixture of water and hand soap will help the piece regain its luster. Immerse them in that mixture for half an hour.

If your piece has pearls, avoid contact with salts or chlorine, as well as irritants such as cosmetics, sweat, perfumes or lacquer. Purified water is the best option if you would like to clean them.

To know more do not hesitate to ask our team in stores, or contact us via social networks, we can advise you for the best care of your jewel.