About Us

At Vidal & Vidal we design and manufacture at our headquarters: Menorca. With 20 years of experience, we are the third generation of masters in jewelry

Our values


The solid relationship we enjoy with our clients is born of a long history that has made this a mature, relaxed and safe relationship.

We strive to understand and connect with the real needs of contemporary women. From the commitment to versatile and wearable designs, to a careful attention in store, we respect the highest quality in our services and products.


We consider that when a woman feels comfortable with herself, she is also comfortable with the image she projects. We do not adopt extravagant tendencies, we move forward firmly towards the universe of good taste.

We are inspired by women who feel beautiful because of their character; Cheerful and self-confident women who use fashion as a tool for emotion.


Located in Menorca, a biosphere reserve, we are aware of the fragility of the environment and we are responsible for it.

Our facilities do not dump any chemical waste and all the remains are separated and sent to recycle. We believe that being modern means looking towards the future, not only of fashion, but also of the planet.