Jewels made in Menorca, with a Mediterranean soul

About Us

Our values

We honour these three pillars in every action we do as a company, as a team, and as a community.

We are manufacturers

We continue to manufacture in our own facilities in Menorca. Our family has been related to the costume jewelery tradition since the beginning of the 20th century and we continue to strive to work while maintaining the quality and demand that characterize us.

Being located in a Biosphere Reserve (and if we were not, we would do it anyways) we are extremely delicate when it comes to treating our waste. Find out more about Our Commitment.

We are sensitive

Our mission is to make you happy and that your special memories accompany you at all times, that is why we strive to create jewels that live your day to day, wherever you go, transporting happiness.

We are honest

We apply this mantra to everything we do: with our suppliers, employees, customers and products. Our main pillar is quality.

We are close to you and we will treat you with the same care and care that we put in each piece. Contact us in case of any doubt.